About Us

Above Photo: Community Service at George R. Brown Convention Center on Thanksgiving Day

The Houston Phenoms is a non-profit organization promoting amateur basketball and education for youth.  We are a youth educational program that promotes education, growth and positive role models to youths in the Greater Houston Area. Outside of helping our kids to excel in education we provide kids with the opportunity to play basketball in a team environment to teach the basics of team work, dedication, and leadership. 

Our program consist of traveling teams that competes in competitive tournaments throughout the US providing the kids with exposure to ranking services and college coaches as well as local teams that play in the Greater Houston Area.

Our mission is to not only train these teens to be athletes but productive students and young men in our society by teaching them the importance of teamwork, discipline, and giving back to the community. Our goal is that 90% of the students that participate in the program further their education at the college level.

Houston Phenoms offers players growth outside of basketball by providing services to our student athletes such as skills training, personal development, and college entrance assistance.

All players and parents who are members of Houston Phenoms understand playing basketball demands tremendous commitment and dedication to the game and their team.  Playing for Houston Phenoms is a privilege not a right.


Our Expectations

We expect:

  1. All players to act as young men and lady's at all time.  How our kids carry themselves is a reflection of our program and coaches.
  2. Our players to be dedicated and committed to becoming better players and young adults.
  3. Put school work first.  Players must take their school work serious and maintain a 2.8 gpa.
  4. Coaches to be dedicated to the success of the players.


Community Service

  • The Houston Phenoms emphasize the importance of giving back to the community.  Players of our program are expected to complete a minimum hours of community service each year.




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